Sage Therapeutic Massage - Deep Tissue ~ Restorative ~ Rehabilitative
Signature Massage:
A blend of Swedish & Deep Tissue Techniques that incorporate relaxation while unwinding restricted areas due to knots and adhesions.
60 minutes $85 / 30 minutes $45 / 90 minutes $115
Deep Tissue ~ Rehabilitative Massage:
A comprehensive treatment that focuses on specific areas utilizing deeper techniques, facilitated stretching and heat. The goal of this treatment is to decrease muscle pain and soreness while incorporating a deep sense of relaxation.
60 minutes $85 / 30 minutes $45 /90 minutes $115
Heated Stone Massage:
A deeply relaxing treatment infused with warm stones, hot compresses and essential oils.
60 minutes $85 / 90 minutes $115
Prenatal Massage:
A treatment dedicated to the comfort and relaxation of the expectant mother. This treatment safely addresses common discomforts associated with pregnancy.
60 minutes $85 / 90 minutes $115
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